Make The Difference

2016 has been a nerve-racking year for all of us. ‘Digital Transformation’ has changed from a buzz word into a topic that features high on the agenda of organizations.
It is VMware’s mission to assist organizations in embracing the digital transformation and to stay competitive in today’s quickly changing market.

Our unique technology is a driving force in this mission. With Digital Workspace and our Cross-Cloud Architecture we have this year once again introduced some important solutions. But VMware is convinced that our rich partner channel is what truly distinguishes us, with a thorough knowledge of technology as well as an impact on the processes and role of endusers.
Together we are ideally positioned for the future!

To close 2016 in an appropriate way and welcome 2017 with confidence, VMware organizes a New Year’s reception for its Luxembourg partners, to be held on Thursday, January 19. At this event, some awards will be given to VMware partners, as recognition for the remarkable presentations which they delivered in the past 12 months.

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